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Mr. Zippy Brand and Online Store is subsidiary under the parent company Moore of Rachel, Inc. who is respected as a family business providing multi-faceted products that improve the lives of families.

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The company got its start in 1998, manufacturing products from wedding dresses to window treatments. In 2001 it changed its course to producing baby and mommy products. With a bright outlook for the future, Moore of Rachel, Inc. plans to expand its product line to meet various needs. Visit us often to see what’s new or sign up for our new product alert notice located on the Home Page.  To learn more about the parent company Moore of Rachel, Inc. visit


One of the featured products, Mr. Zippy Cover-All Bib (Zippy Bib)has an interesting history which is shared in the story below. Mr. Zippy has evolved from being just a bib with legs, but is now the bib with legs and character. The cartoon character of Mr. Zippy is now offered in various products which are included within the online store.

The Beginning

Rachel Moore, a new mother of twin boys was feeling off balanced while transitioning from being the complete life-line for her babies. After breastfeeding both babies for six months without any supplement, it was now time to begin introducing the veggie baby foods. It was time to make use of those high chairs that were given as shower gifts. A new routine was on the horizon.

There were two different dynamics occurring simultaneously with this new routine. The mom had to begin weaning her little ones, one meal at a time. Her body had to adjust, and so did the little ones. The other dynamic that was taking place was the interesting food saga and soiled clothing. This mom really felt off her kilter when she realized that she could no longer satisfy both babies at the same time. Like two little birds with their mouths open waiting to be fed, the little ones sat in the high chair. As soon as mommy placed the spoon in one of the baby’s mouth, the other baby would cry. In desperation to please her little ones she fed them as fast as she could. During the process of this mad race, she made a royal mess all over their cloth bibs and clothing.

Out of frustration, one early morning this mom sat in tears at her sewing machine. She said a prayer, not knowing that she would get immediate results. All of a sudden she saw in her mind the perfect picture of what she was to make. She saw a bib with legs. This bib didn’t just have legs, it had zippered legs. She immediately sketched out her mental picture onto paper to create her first pattern. This mother then cut out her first bib with legs. After the cutting was complete, she laminated the fabric to give it a spill proof finish. It was then time to begin the sewing process. After sunrise she could hardly believe her eyes and neither could her husband when they both gazed at the bib in amazement. Her husband asked, “Did you make that? After her yes reply, he responded with WOW!

Both parents looked forward to putting the new bib to the test with the twin’s next feeding. Surprisingly enough, the bib worked like a charm! Every thing that fell from the spoon and mouth fell right onto the lap of the bib. Each oops was easily wiped clean without ever getting to the child’s skin or clothing.

Being a member of a (Mothers of Multiples Support) MOMS group, this excited mom shared her new idea with the others. The moms began to make request and several bibs were sewn two or more at a time. As the moms shared their testimony about the success of the bib, it was impressed upon the mom inventor’s heart that she needed to patent her idea. Hence, the patenting process began through the submission of a patent application. The process was carried out over three exhaustive years, but it ended with a sweet miracle. The official issue date for the patent was released on her twin’s birthday! Her twin’s birth date is printed on the patent certificate as the official issue date. To this mom, it was a true sign that her invention was far beyond her, and would be launched into many households over the years to come.

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