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As a new mom of twin boys I felt a little off balance while transitioning from being the complete life-line for my babies. Since I had chosen not to supplement with formula or cereals, breast milk was on constant demand for the first six months of their lives. I would sit and nurse both babies with one on either side. Their little tummies would become filled to contentment all at once. It was now time to introduce cereals and veggie baby foods to their diet. Which meant it was also time to make use of those high chairs that were given as shower gifts. A new routine was on the horizon.

There were two different dynamics occurring simultaneously with this new routine. I had to begin weaning my little ones, one meal at a time. My body had to adjust, and so did the twins. The other dynamic taking place was the interesting food saga and soiled clothing. I really felt off kilter when I realized that I could no longer satisfy both babies at the same time. Like two little birds with their mouths open waiting to be fed, the little ones sat in the high chairs. As soon as I placed the spoon in one of the baby’s mouth, the other baby would cry. In desperation to please both babies, I fed them as fast as I could. During this mad race, I made a royal mess all over their cloth bibs and clothing.

Out of frustration, one early morning I sat in tears at my sewing machine as thoughts raced through my head. I wondered what can I make that would help keep the babies clothes clean during meal time. I said a prayer, not knowing that I would get immediate results. Inspiration hit me and I saw in my mind the picture of what I could make. I saw a special bib with legs and zippers. I immediately sketched out my mental picture onto paper, and then went on to laminate the fabric, to cut, and sew the little creation. The following morning, I awoke with much anticipation. Both my husband and I looked forward to testing the new bib during the twins’ next feeding.

It was meal time once again. While the twins sat in their high chairs, I suited them up with their new feeding gear by first sliding the zippered legs of the bib onto their little legs and closing the snaps behind their necks. The race was on to satisfy those hungry tummies. Soft pureed orange carrots dripped from the spoon as they indulged in their meal. During spoon travel, more dripping occurred, but no worries this time. The bib worked like a charm! From that point on, our meal times became less stressful for me. I was no longer burdened about the mess; clean up was a breeze and my mind was at peace. Thereafter, I actually enjoyed their feeding times. My attention was diverted from protecting their clothes, which enabled me to focus more on those cute, funny faces they would make whenever we explored new flavors and textures of food.

I often attend the local support group for Mothers of Multiples. During our meeting times we compare stories of our challenges, frustrations, concerns, and fun moments regarding our twins. We also share the solutions that we find along the way. While expressing what I had been facing, Idiscovered that other moms had similar challenges. When I offered my new bib as a solution, they loved it! One mom exclaimed that her twins had a serious case of reflux. Out of concern to help, I made two bibs just for her twins. After some days had pasted, she told me that it was such a relief not to have to change the babies constantly throughout the day because of soiled, wet clothing. The bibs truly made her life much easier. It made me feel really good to know that I had solved a problem not just for myself, but for another frustrated parent.

Moms Secret Weapon to Clean Baby Clothes

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