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Protect you Mom Invented Idea – Patent Help for Moms with Invention Ideas

Are you a mom who has created your own solution because you could not find the exact product that you wanted or needed for your child or family? If so, as a mom inventor, I can completely relate to being innovative in the home. Anytime you add a new feature to an existing design, it can count as a new invention. So if you have an idea to improve an existing design or a new design or idea all together, you may be on to something BIG!

One thing that I realized right off the bat was that my witty invention was not just for my family, but it was something that would benefit many other families. So the next big step was to protect my idea or invention with a Patent. While going through the rigorous patenting process without the onset cost of hiring a patent attorney, I learned the key aspects and technical lingo for patenting an invention at a low cost. Patent attorney fees on average are $10,000. I now offer services to help you protect your idea or invention at a fraction of the cost.



“Patenting Services for People Dreaming BIG!

Below are a list of services that I now offer to assist moms and others in their “protect my invention” journey.

  1. Idea or Product Evaluation (for patentability)
  2. Consultation (How to test market your product or How to take your idea to market)
  3. Patent Help 101 Coaching Program
  4. Patent Help 101 Video Tutorial Program
  5. Patent Help 101 Turn Key Do-it-for-You Program

From a mom to a mom, I’m here to inform, inspire, and to support your innovation.

Inspired to Inspire You,

Rachel Moore

Mom Inventor

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