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Whether you breastfeed, use formula or a combination of the two, once you decide to start offering solids to your baby, you will need a baby bib for feeding. I remember all too well, my own experience as a mom of twin boys being frustrated with the baby bibs for feeding that were available.

For six months, I had nursed my precious babies. As challenging as it had been to nurse twin boys, I was able to do so simultaneously, if needed. Everything about breastfeeding ran on autopilot and there was very little mess. When we made it to the end of our nursing journey and I decided to introduce solids, I thought I’d survived the hardest part of our feeding struggles, but I was so wrong.

Baby Bib for Weaning

Our feeding time was frustrating. Finally, it was time to use the high chairs that I received as gifts for my sons, but I discovered that along with those high chairs, I needed better baby bibs for weaning and feeding. Trying to feed not one, but two hungry babies is not an easy task. Once I placed the spoon in one of my son’s mouths, my other son would begin to cry. Watching my sons become so upset during mealtimes was difficult because I wanted it to be a positive experience for them and for me as well.

To stop my babies cries of hunger and frustration, I did the only thing that I could think of doing, I fed them both as quickly as I could, shoveling spoonful after spoonful into their mouths. The downside? In the frenzy of trying to feed both of my babies so quickly, food went everywhere and I was making a mess of their clothes at each mealtime.

I felt like I was failing my babies and myself. They were frustrated during feedings and I was frustrated with the lack of coverage of the baby bibs for feeding that I was using. To make matters worse, dirty, soiled clothes were piling up after each feed.

Baby Bib for Feeding

One morning, in desperation, I tearfully sat in front of my sewing machine and said a prayer. Honestly, I’m not even sure exactly what I was praying for, but what I received was an idea for an improved baby bib for weaning, a better baby bib for eating and a baby bib for feeding that would solve my mealtime problems. Mr. Zippy, the baby bib with legs and character that was perfect for eliminating messy mealtimes and soiled clothes, was my answered prayer.

Blessed with the idea of Mr. Zippy, the baby bib with legs and character, I immediately jumped into action. I sketched out the picture that had formed in my mind for Mr. Zippy, the baby bib with zippered legs to protect my babies’ entire outfits. Then, I cut the sketch out onto fabric and once I completed the bib, my final step was to laminate Mr. Zippy for extra protection and for ease of use cleaning it after feedings.

I couldn’t believe it. I had a solution for the chaos that had become our mealtimes. I felt proud of all that I had done in creating Mr. Zippy, but now I wondered whether Mr. Zippy, the baby bib for feeding and eating, would work?

During breakfast that morning, I got my answer and it was a definitive yes. Mr. Zippy, the baby bib for feeding worked like a charm. Happy with the results, but unsure of whether Mr. Zippy was really something that other moms would find useful, I shared my struggles and solution with my mom support group called Mothers of Multiples (MOMS).

I was pleasantly surprised to learn from other moms that they too were struggling with the problem of messy mealtimes and were frustrated with the baby bibs for feeding that they currently owned. Not only did other MOMS share my challenge, but they were also happy to have a solution in Mr. Zippy, the baby bib for feeding with legs and character. They started placing orders for their own Mr. Zippy.

Mr. Zippy saved mealtimes with my sons and changed our solid food transition from a time of frustration, mess, and anger into an enjoyable time, where I was happily nurturing my sons with food. The moms in my support group also agree that Mr. Zippy is a lifesaver for mealtimes.

Which Baby Bib is Best?

The baby bibs on the market are very small and even those that have a method of catching food still don’t prevent baby’s clothes from being soiled. Mr. Zippy is unique because it completely covers the front of your baby during feedings and makes clean-ups a breeze, with its easy wipe-off surface.

Mr. Zippy is also helpful because it’s a baby bib that your baby won’t be able to pull off. My sons became experts at removing their baby bibs during mealtimes, making an already challenging situation even more difficult. With Mr. Zippy, I had the confidence that their baby bib for feeding would remain in place until I decided mealtime was over.

When can your baby use Mr. Zippy Bib?

Mr. Zippy is perfect for all your baby’s mealtimes. It will keep baby clean and mommy less stressed whether your baby is enjoying a meal in their high chair at home, having a quick snack in their stroller or car seat, eating at daycare or eating while out at a restaurant with the family.

What options are there for Mr. Zippy Bib’s designs?

Mr. Zippy, the bib with legs and character and the best bib for introducing your baby to solid food is available in seven eye-catching and fashionable designs. Choose from a blue, red or green gingham pattern, pink stars, blue whale navy, teddy bear or alphabet and numbers.

Where can you buy Mr. Zippy?

Mr. Zippy is conveniently sold here on our website and on Amazon at It would be a great baby shower gift or a” just because” gift for a mom who is getting ready to introduce solids to her baby. I wish that Mr. Zippy had been around when my sons and I started our solid food journey. It would have saved us all a lot of frustration and eliminated so many piles of dirty laundry.

Moms, you have suffered on your own with messy mealtimes and dirty clothes for long enough. Take back mealtime joy for you and your baby with Mr. Zippy, the bib with legs and character. Know other moms struggling with ineffective baby bibs for weaning and feeding? Share Mr. Zippy, the answer to messy mealtimes with them too.

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