We help you conquer stains before they happen

Get more peace of mind and less frustration during mealtime with your little one.

Your Toddler loves to move. Mr. Zippy Bib with legs moves with them.

My oldest daughter isn’t a fan of the high chair and likes to be able to move around the kitchen/dining room while she eats. The Zippy Bib is just what we needed to give her the freedom she desires, and us the peace of mind that her clothes are protected from messes.

-Josh Bowen, Girl Dad

  • "Little Honey Bee bib"

    Waterproof Bib with legs, fits snuggly to child's legs

  • Your child has more freedom to move without the worry of staining clothes

  • Provides full coverage and protects clothes from spills

  • Keeps your babies clothes clean as they eat and play

  • Stubborn food stains ruin child's clothes and increase the piles of laundry. It takes time and money to buy more cute clothes.

  • It's so frustrating when food stains my child's clothes and I am exhausted from the cleanup. The Zippy Bib saved the day.

  • Mr. Zippy Bibs cover the lap and legs to prevent food from falling on clothes below my child's waist. Other bibs that do, they prevent my child from moving and she don't like it.

Full-Body Mess Proof Baby Bib

  • Super-Soft waterproofed silky fabrics
  • Available in 10 New Fun Designs
  • Hanger Style Packaging to display unique features of the bib
  • Child Safety Certified
  • Zippy Bib is perfect for little ones from 6M to 3T in age. It's not just a bib. It's Mr. Zippy!
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